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4th Grade/8th Grade Identity Project


Over the past few weeks, the 4th and 8th graders have been working on an identity time capsule project.  Since both of the grades are the oldest in their division, they have a shared sense of leadership as well as the anticipation of heading into new territory. We asked them to reflect on how they have grown and changed over the past four years and what goals they have for themselves over the next four years. After discussing the concept of identity and answering questionnaires,  each student completed an autobiographical write up and curated a personal collection of memories, including defining moments, highlights of the school year, and things that he or she would like to remember. 

Last Wednesday, the two classes met on the Hope Ranch campus. We got into mixed age groups to discuss questions relating to identity, goal setting, and growth. After this bonding activity, they decorated their manila envelopes and fill them with their time capsules objects. The time capsules were “sealed” by the students – not to be opened again until their 8th or 12th grade graduation in 2020! Students took turns video-taping interviews of each other about their dreams and goals for the future–keep an eye out for the videos. I’ll post them soon!

Here are a few photos of our morning together as well as a few of the fingerprint poems that were shared that day.

File_000 (1) File_000 (2) File_001 (1) File_001 (2) File_002 (1) File_003 (1) File_004File_000 File_001 File_002 File_003

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