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Painting with Words


As you know, we are a class of poets, among other things. Our last session was devoted to two of our best friends, Metaphor and Simile.

I usually write alongside my students as they write. It is so important to model for students, not only the skill, technique, or concept you are teaching, but your willingness to take a risk. When they look up and see that I am writing alongside them, they know that I value writing–it’s part of my life. In the spirit of sharing something raw (as I am always asking them to do), here is a poem that I wrote during class the other day. One of our poetry prompts is the observation poem.

I shared with them the backstory. There is an older gentleman who lives in my neighborhood. He owns approximately eight old Buicks, which he rotates around the neighborhood every day. My poem doesn’t have a title yet, so feel free to suggest a few:)


Mystery lives on my street

He rises before the light reflects on the dewy leaves

His eyes combing the neighborhood,

Like a detective on the beat

Like a game of chess, he strikes a move

I wonder if all those cars’ existence prove

He once was a young man, an on-the-move man

Like Jack Kerouac, on the road

Adventures from mountain to sea

Wanderlust feelings must be

Now measured in feet

While once the miles raced beneath

In my neighborhood, a museum of Buicks appears

Frozen in 1975,

But in his mind alive

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“Painting with Words”

  1. April 11th, 2017 at 11:43 pm      Reply Jennifer Says:

    Great poem! I love it!

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