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Book Reports


The Passport to Literature is a program that takes you on a journey through many different genres of literature. This year you will be  required to complete six book reports over the course of the year. You get to choose your book for each report, but each selection must be from a different genre of literature. Three of your book reports will require a written summary as well as an oral presentation; the other three will require a project which you will present to the class. 

We will be learning how to write a book report summary, how to present in front of an audience, and how to put together an interesting book project. You will receive a Passport to Literature booklet with instructions so that you are clear about what is expected and when each book report is due. I will include those due dates below for reference:

  • Book Report 1–October 28
  • Book Report 2–December 16
  • Book Report 3–January 27
  • Book Report 4–February 24
  • Book Report 5–April 27

For our first book report, everyone will be taking the project option. Please refer to your Passport Guide for detailed information about book reports:

Passport Guide

Here’s a guide for writing a book report summary.

Book Report Guide

Project Ideas

Book Report Summary Rubric

Oral Report Rubric

Book Report Project Rubric

By the Great Horn Spoon

by Sid Fleischman

This book ties in nicely with our study of the California Gold Rush. We will be using the guide below, created by Cookie Davis.

By The Great Horn Spoon–Guide Written by Cookie Davis

Map of North and South America


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