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Power of Poetry


Today my heart was overflowing with gratitude for the power of poetry to elevate thinking and writing to a different level. There is something magical about it. Students experience a freedom they rarely experience with other types of writing. The prompt for today’s session was an ordinary object. I collected some things from my classroom and around the campus. I placed one object on each student’s desk, and then we began to brainstorm and write. Evan gave me permission to share his poem here.


by Evan

Why does a flower have so many petals?

Like a forest of trees, but the trees are petals

It is like a caterpillarĀ 

The seeds grow into a cocoon and look so green

but open up to be something so different, like a new world

It is not green, it is a design of endless colors, an abstract work of art that is not art at all

It’s own unique thing

On the inside, red with anger

The middle, pink with joy

On the outside, white as a brand new piece of paper with so many possibilitiesĀ 

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