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Third Annual Fourth Grade Citizenship Breakfast


In celebration of their unit on citizenship and what it means to be a good citizen, fourth graders invited local community members who exemplify good citizenship and honored them at a special breakfast this Wednesday. Guests of honor ranged from fire fighters to doctors to dance and karate instructors. Each student introduced his or her guest and shared inspiring qualities of his or her honoree. They also shared countless ideas about what it means to be a good citizen: donating to a charity, giving food  to the hungry, donating clothes to a local goodwill, adopting pets that need a homes, being honest, obeying the law, helping others, and much more.

The heartfelt keynote address was delivered by Sue and Ed Birch (Santa Barbara Foundation’s 2016 Man of the Year). They shared with the guests how their foundation–Mosher Foundation–supports non-profit educational, healthcare, and performing arts institutions in the Santa Barbara area. They talked about the importance of giving the gifts of time and talent to those who need it and discussed with the students the three things they can do with their money: spend it, save it, or give it away. They even gave the fourth grade class $100 and the opportunity to operate like their own foundation board and vote on which local non-profit to support. Out of the three worthy non-profits described, the majority of the Owls voted for SB Wildlife Care Network to receive a $100 donation from Laguna’s fourth grade class.¬†

We’re proud of you, fourth graders!!


Fourth Grade Citizenship Breakfast 2016

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