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Mystery Google Hangout!


On Wednesday, the fourth grade class had a Mystery Google Hangout with another class. The goal was for the two classes to figure out where the other class was by asking and answering questions that could only have a yes or no answer. We discovered that our fellow Global Read Aloud class was in Idaho. Next, they began asking each other questions about the book, Fish in a Tree by Lynda Mullaly Hunt. This is the book we have been reading along with classrooms from around the world as part of the seventh annual Global Read Aloud. It was so much fun to hear their ideas and share ours! Here are a couple of video clips of our experience.

Here’s what our reporter, Alexia, had to share about her observations:

The Mystery Google Hangout is when we guess where the other class is. It started when we asked the first question. It had to be a yes or no answer. Then we got to answer their question. After we figured out that the other class was from Idaho, we asked about Fish in a Tree for the Global Read Aloud. Alexia, as reporter, captured her own photos and a video of the event.

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