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The Art of Juggling


Today, students had the privilege of meeting and working with two talented circus entertainers from the group, Cirque Mechanics. Here’s a clip about the group from the U.C.S.B. Arts and Lectures web site:

You’ve never seen a circus like this: a dazzling whirl of acrobats, cyclists and mind-blowing, one-of-a-kind machines! Founded by BMX rider, acrobat and mechanical wiz Chris Lashua, the “engrossingly entertaining” (The New York Times) Cirque Mechanics perform a show inspired by steampunk culture. Instead of a post-apocalyptic world of steam-powered machines, here the contraptions are powered by people and pedals. Don’t miss the massive, mysterious apparatus called the Gantry Bike as it travels around the stage like a modern caravan.

Here’s the entire group in action: 

Here is a sample of what the children enjoyed today!


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